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Krafton 500×55

Krafton GFK Bodenbelag 500.55

General information

Stocked in lengths of 5, 6 and 7 metres to minimize cut-off waste. For certain larger projects we can produce exact lengths. We would be happy to do some calculations for you! Composition material: approx. 60% (percent by weight) glass fibre, unidirectional and continuous strand mats and approx. 40% (percent by weight) polyester resin mix. Peelply is incorporated during production of the planks, which facilitates the application of a wearing course.

In the following table you will find some more information (Load – uniformly distributed load per m²)

L/Overspanning (mm)5007501000125015002000
200Deflection (mm)2,53,85,06,37,510,000
Load (kN)360,6154,765,333,419,38,2
250Deflection (mm)2,03,04,05,06,08,0
Load (kN)360,6123,852,226,715,56,5
400Deflection (mm)1,31,92,53,13,85,0
Load (kN)261,077,332,616,79,74,1
MaximaalPermissible load (kN)360,6240,4174,9112,077,843,7

Anti-Slip Layer

Optionally, the planks can be fitted with an anti-slip layer. These layers can be applied in various colors and grain sizes. Also, the planks can optionally be provided with a finishing edge.

The adhesion of our wear layer is very good since it is directly applied at the factory. A major difference with wooden planks is that our layers become one with the plank, hence, water cannot get under the anti slip layer. As a result, the life of the layer is much longer and requires less maintenance.

Our anti-slip layer have also been tested at the TÜV.

Krafton anti-slip coating

Fixing methods

We have several options for fixation of our planks to the underconstrucion. In every situation and / or for every material we will have a method that is optimal. Our fixation methods have also been part of the testing at the DIBt and are therefore also certified.